Sunday, August 1, 2010

48 Hours Read-A-Thon Update: Closing Down

With a good long sprint, I managed to finish Dashiell Hammett's Maltese Falcon. I'll probably write up something further on my thoughts, but suffice it say, it was interesting, both for reading a classic of the genre and thinking how it has been adapted over the years. Most people have some faint knowledge of the story because of the movie. It's interesting read the real story. It's a little ironic we associate Maltese Falcon with that final line "the stuff that dreams are made of" -- added for the movie I might add -- since it adds an almost fantastical romantic twist to the story. It's really a story of obsession and betrayal and murder and greed and vengeance.

And with the closing of that book, I am prepared to call my inaugural 48 Hour Read-a-thon a reasonable success. I managed to clear off two books (Heat Wave and Maltese Falcon) from my pressing list. I was able to get away from the computer and just read for some consecutive hours. Also I tapped into the bigger book blogging community and saw what they were reading. I was able to blog about my reading thoughts without worrying if I didn't sound solemn and "book critic" enough. I need to force myself to do this more, maybe not in an organized fashion, but just allow myself time away to read or write or "be".


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Wow...The Maltese Falcon! What an accomplishment. I have never read it myself nor watched the movie. Read-a-thons are great because they do give us an excuse to just read. Glad it was a success for you. =O)

Wallace said...

I'm really glad you joined the read-a-thon. Introducing bloggers to each other (and meeting more myself) was one of my goals in hosting the read-a-thon. Love that you are finding your groove blogging and that you got some books read!