Saturday, January 5, 2013

Classics Club Readathon: Getting Started

The Classics Club has started the year with its inuaugural 24-hour read-athon. I will not be able to participate in the entire event as I have a social engagement in the evening, but I can still read during the day. I've been up since 9am and have already read two chapters of Persuasion before breakfast.

Name and Blog: My name is Julia and I blog at the Right Broad

Snacks and Beverages of Choice: Sunkist and Oreos

Where are you reading from today? The cushy loveseat mostly

What are your goals for the Readathon?

My main goal to catch up on the Persuasion read-a-long, but I'd like to work on some other books on my list.

What book(s) are you planning on reading? 

Persuasion by Jane Austen: I'm reading this for the Unputdownables read-a-long. I was behind by a few chapters by our first checkpoint so I wanted to get up to date

Idylls of the King by Alfred Lord Tennyson: I've owned this for awhile, but I've not read as much of it as I'd like. They are some long poems, but I can easily break them down into sections during the day.

Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde: Over the Christmas break I listened to Big Finish's wonderful audio drama, Confessions of Dorian Gray, about the further adventures of Oscar Wilde's most infamous character. So I was curious about the original. I think I had to read it once for class, but wasn't too impressed with it.

Are you excited?

YES! Very excited.


Vikk @ Down the Writer's Path said...

Hey there, I have The Picture of Dorian Gray on my list for today, too. Happy reading.

ShaReKay said...

Oooh, I so want to participate in an Unputdownables Readalong, I just haven't found the right book to jump in with yet. Have a great readathon!

Julia said...

ShaReKay: I love the Unputdownables read-a-longs. I've done two so far and the discussions have been very enjoyable. Persuasion was only for January so it seemed doable.

Brona Joy said...

Persuasion is my favourite Austen and defintiely unputdownable!
Happy reading from Sydney Australia
Brona's Books

Roof Beam Reader said...

I'm seeing a lot of Persuasion - that's cool. I love Austen, but Persuasion and Emma are the two of hers that I haven't read, yet. I'm saving them for my Austen in August event, later this year.

Dorian Gray is one of my FAVORITES. Hope you get to it (and hope you love it!) Good luck!

bibliophiliac said...

Another Persuasion reader! That is my favorite Austen novel. I had a great readathon, finished All the Pretty Horses, and was very happy with that. But I didn't do so well with the comments! So now I'm catching up. Hope the readathon went well for you!