Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another 48 Hours

That sounds like a bad movie sequel, doesn't it?

Last August I signed up for the 48 hour Read-a-thon on a total whim. I needed a kick in the proverbial pants to nudge me towards reading again. Pleased by my success, I was delighted when I learned the next Read-a-thon was scheduled for this weekend. I was eager to participate again, only I had to face the age old quandary -- what did I want to read? On every trip I’ve gone on, that’s the biggest question now, which books do I bring? I’m beginning to envy my friends with their Nooks/Kindles. They can bring a whole library along.

I was having such a hard time deciding, I finally started letting my book browsing eyes be the guide. What was I in the mood for? What did I notice in the bookstore? What was I drawn to? Were they authors people have recced and talked about? Or were they random books on display? Er, yes? I’m embarrassed to admit an interesting title/cover/blurb is sometimes all I need. I’ve made some bad decisions that way. I’ve also discovered some favorite authors that way.

Along the way, I discovered that after a stressful and cold January, all I really wanted was to kick back and relax. I want to curl up on the couch and enjoy a good read. So I haven't put any age old classics on this list, no pressure to finally get through something either. I just want to be entertained and dragged along for the adventure. All the books I've pulled hew closer to the supernatural and fantastical – a little magic, some faerie, a few vampires, and who knows what else?

I'll be updating the "What I'm Reading" list when we get started on Friday. The rules are pretty much the same as last year – pick some stuff to read, read and read some more, and occasionally pop online to share what you think. We'll see how it goes... again.

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Wallace said...

Fantastic! So glad you're doing this again with me! Honestly, I'm with you on the reading picks. It's such a great excuse to choose books that you've been WANTING to read rather than those you've been NEEDING to read (though, if you can be disciplined enough -- which I can't -- I guess it's a good time to get some necessary books out of the way as well). I think you've picked the perfect way to go about it this time. Snuggle in on the couch and be completely entertained! Looking forward to seeing what you choose to read.